Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DIY Bookmarks

School's out.....yeahhhh , so I have more time now so I thought about something and got a bit creative ....which is a major achievement for me. I've never really used any bookmarks because I thought they were unnecessary but a year ago I kind of started using them. But I discovered that bookmarks are pretty expensive ...that may be a reason why I never used I'm going to show you guys how to make bookmarks....enjoy!

Bookmark Nr. 1 

You will need:
 carton or thicker paper

scissors and a glue

multi-coloured string

and a book page (don't worry I didn't destroy a book for this...I would never do that)

First you need to cut the book page, so it will fit on the piece of carton. You can also use two pages, so that both sides of the bookmark will be fully covered.

But make sure to leave a little bit of space at the top.

Then hole punch the top so that there will be a hole big enough to fit things through

You then tie the multi-coloured string to a knot.

And you pull it through the hole you made in the bookmark....

......and tie it to another knot .

You then start braiding the multi-coloured can do that until you're satisfied with the result and secure it with a knot.

The excessive pieces can be cut off.


Bookmark Nr.2

You will need:

scissors, glue, carton and coloured paper

Cut the coloured paper so you can cover the carton with it.

You will then need a pencil and a thick black marker/pen and possibly the Internet -Pinterest/tumblr to look for quotes you can write on the bookmark.

First write the quote with a pencil you can easily erase. Then write it again with the thicker pen/marker.

And your second bookmark is done! Can you guess what quote I used?...of course you can :)

I hope you liked this tutorial....I know that I'm no artist and some may believe that this is a really bad tutorial   but I actually like how the bookmarks turned out ;) hope you think so too.

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