Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gorgeous Carat review

So this is a little bit different because this is not someting I would normally read....but there's always a first 

The "Gorgeous Carat by You Higuri" book review 

Florian Rochefort is the heir to a once-wealthy aristocratic family that has fallen on hard times. One way to save the family's fortune would be to sell the Flame of Mughal, a 120 carat diamond that has been entrusted to the Rochefort family, only Florian's mother refuses to part with the treasure. But then a distant relative, Ray Balzac Courland, shows up at a Rochefort family party, and becomes intrigued by Florian and his beautiful "amethyst" eyes. Ray offers to pay off the Rochefort debt in exchange for ownership of Florian, and much to Florian's dismay, his mother agrees. Florian's new life as Ray's property immediately gets chaotic as he discovers that Ray is actually the famous phantom thief, Noir, who has been haunting Paris!
.................................................................................................................(description of the first one)

A friend lent me these "books" a long time ago. And ever since then they have been lying in my bookshelf. ....Until maybe two weeks ago when I had a real bad reading slump after "Me before you " was bad. And I discovered that I still had these books on my bookshelf and I started reading them and within one day I finished the whole entire series. (There are four books in the first series and two in the second one) Oh my god they were so good. I've had so bad experience with mangas because normally the mangas I first started reading were about schoolgirls with short skirts trying to seduce their teacher or other things I did not really want to read about ...but this series....Whoa. It's a high-fantasy "novel" and it's amazing. I totally ship Noir and Florian. They are my number one OTP ,but they both don't know how to express their feelings for eachother. Which got me into an even bigger reading slump at the end of the series. But I don't care because I still ship them. Together the go on adventures and they normally get in trouble a lot especially Florian who is obviously saved by Noir. Florian slowly learns about the past of Noir. And of course while discovering his past he discovers a few not so great surprises aka a few bad villains . The whole series is full of mystery, adventure and fantasy. It's definitely a good series for people who want to start reading mangas.
5 out of 5 cupcakes 

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