Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Mortal Instruments *spoilers appear*

This is a few days late..but school's been crazy so I  finished City of Heavenly Fire yesterday. I'm emotionally scarred, just as I thought I would be! Attention! This may include some spoilers

The Mortal Instruments

These books are about a girl called Clary who discovers, that she is everthing ,but ordinary. She is a Shadowhunter. Along with her friends and her "crush" , she tries to save her world and the Shadowhunter world from evil powers who try to destroy everything she ever loved. ( I tried to write this as spoiler-free as I could)

City of Bones: This is an amazing book. You meet all the characters and you slowly get introduced to the Shadowhunter world. This book keeps you so tied up...and then it crushes you...your soul ....the OTP you shipped so hard... and you can't believe it...you just can't ..that's why the second you finish this book you continue with the second one.

City of Ashes: This is my least favourite book. Not because I didn't like the story. I mean it's Cassandra Clare...who doesn't like her books?! I just think the book is brutal torture. I mean a lot of things happen : Clary discovers that she is special and is different from the rest of the Shadowhunters. Simon, Clarys best-friend is getting more involved in Clarys world than he anticipated , Malec is finally a thing...the Inquisator is a b****,Clary's Dad is not nominated for the world's best Dad award....but when you're finished with the book you still ship an incest OTP.

City of Glass: Now this book completly mindeffed me. It about the same style as the other books: Beginning: Everything is great, then suddenly something bad happens....the next 300 pages are a matter of life and death and the ending is nice but it doesn't satisfy you. First of all, Clary is so bad-ass. I love the way she always does what she wants. You get to meet a few new people like Sebastian Verlac, or Aline Penthallow.......Clary's mom may appear...You may start to ship Simon and Izzy or Simon and Maia. That's all pretty nice but let me tell you...there are mean plot.twists in it. Watch out! In the end everything is soooo beautiful and you finally can see your ship sailing without being arrested for having a relationship......Well everything seems to be fine....

City of Fallen Angels: This book kind of makes you want to wish that Clary and Jace are brother and sister again, because even then they had more passion and romance than in this book. Also Simon......naw..that's not okay...just because you're a vampire doesn't mean that you can have two girlfriends! Seriously......and you may think that you know Cassandra Clares writing style but let me tell you my friend , you're wrong because in the end there's the biggest plot-twist you have ever seen!

City of Lost Souls: Why? Why can't Clace be a happy couple...in the last book Jace was emotionally scarred and in this book he is his "brothers" bitch......;( Also you definitely start to ship Simon and Izzy...but seriously....I wanted to kick both Jace and Jonathan aka Sebastian..all the time. And then when you finally think, everything will be all right....Jace can't even touch Clary without electrocuting her..... and Malec ;( ....whyyyyyy?

City of Heavenly Fire: This book...it's just amazing. It's the grande-finale. It's the tip of the iceberg. Every 639 pages of it there's action. You laugh and you scream and you cry.Soooo much happens. You also get to see a few old characters of the Infernal Devices and you get to see a few new characters that you will see again if you read Lady Midnight. ( which I haven't....yet ) I don't want to spoil that much...because I already did ...in the entire review but let me say this much: The ending is exactly like it should be!

I love this entire series and I never get tired of reading it. I'm sorry if I spoiled a lot...but I warned you and I kind of think that I can't write a spoiler-free review because I have read these books to often. Cassandra Clare is an amazing author. Her books are so well-written and everything makes sense. You dive into this world and when the series ends you struggle with your real life because it's so hard to leave this world! I am recommending this series to everyone ! Read it! :) I hope you liked this review. See ya soon!

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